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HannaFate's Story

I work full time (major pat-myself-on-the-back for that one) as a picture framer, and fill in with doing illustrations for magazines and running two websites ( and ( My boss and co-workers know about the trouble I have with agoraphobia, and are okay with it.  This is the first place I ever worked that I told everyone right up front. I'll be 39 in March, and am single again, and intend to stay that way for a while.
I have two cat-therapists, Alex and Woogus, you can see their pictures on my homepage,
I had anxiety problems as early as grade school, but didn't get any
professional help until I was grown, and went after it myself.  I self-medicated for many years, starting in junior high school.
(self-medicating with drugs and alcohol, naturally)  I am proud to say that I conquered this, and no longer have to dig in dumpsters for food.  I live in a nice little adobe house with my cats and my computer, have a job and a car, and can look forward to more success.
I still have trouble getting my laundry done, though.....

Don't we all!!!  Great job and a congrats are in order for HannaFate and the success she has made.  Great job.

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