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I am 32 single and live in the UK north West of Birmingham in Telford Shropshire.  I have been agoraphobic for twenty years and only really got help that was of any use in the past six years.  I don't take medication but I have spent small amounts of time on Betablockers and Diazepam at Christmas 99 for six weeks never again!
I am an Electronics and IT engineer for a CCTV company and currently have had a small relapse and Ive had trouble driving to work but I'm on the mend and I'm back in the car on my own again!
I was put on Librium at the age of twelve and took nearly nine months to come off it, so I guess I prefer nowadays to try and do things my own way.
Similar to HannaFate I am working full time and its the first time I have been up front and not so much got understanding but respect for being honest.
I will in April have worked there for a year which is a major record for me as the previous work record is only 7 months, also I have only had two days off and that was recently.
I have a website which will be finished soon and uploaded keep your eyes on  email to
One of the biggest aids to my recovery after nearly five years housebound was music and becoming a radio ham the guys and girls I met really helped and made me feel like I wanted to get out and meet them all rather than,  "pull yourself together and get on with it" as my peers kept saying. Music really helped all those years though, big thinks to Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow and nowadays Blackmores Night. Lately I find exercise a real tonic and it helps my depression which I seem to have picked up somewhere and also I find the fitter I am the quicker I can deal with the panic and calm down, all to do with breathing.
My biggest downfall, drinking which I saw happening and taking over and stopped it right in its tracks.
Hobbies collecting CD's, playing guitar, writing short stories, CCTV and writing to my friends on ASA.