Prose and Poetry
Pictures also wanted for these poems

One Step at a Time

Its true that sometimes life is full
of trying circumstances
And sometimes we must struggle
For minimal advances

To try to grasp the total picture
is a strong temptation
Often we attempt too much
And add to our frustration.

Don't approach so many tasks
That all your hopes are gone
A single step will lead you to
Another later on.

  Bruce B. Wimer

Sent in by Charla, Thanks.

Pounding in my ears,
Throbbing in my  brain,
The hopelessness of life,
Begins it's melodic strain.

 Shouldn't I be happy,
Shouldn't I be free,
Shouldn't I be the person,
I always thought I'd be.

 Someone who was joyful,
Happy and serene,
Full of life and beauty,
Contented and serene.

 Surrounded by my loved ones,
Never feeling down,
Fulfilled in my existence,
My feet firmly on the ground.

 But here I  sit so lonely,
Unloved and so afraid,
Shrouded in my darkness,
Reaching for the shade.

Pulling down the veil ,
Black and gray and dark,
Over my tear stained face,

By Deborah